Not Your Average Web-Design Company

We create websites that get your potential customers to like and trust you.

The biggest reason why most companies fail to generate good results online is because the potential customers either don’t like or trust them.

Think about it. If you meet someone new and there isn’t a mutual trust or you simply don’t like them – you probably won’t want to see that person again. Let alone do business with them.

This is where most other web-design agencies go wrong. Their focus is on fancy design. Complicated code. Loads of pages. Those things look and sound cool but they are not going to make people buy your products or services.

What we do at Lion Business Media is double down on making your potential customers to love and trust you. So that after visiting your website they feel like you are exactly the type of business that can solve their issue and there is no doubt in their mind you can do it. That is what ultimately will get you more business.

If you are ready to finally start seeing results online for your business, we will be happy to help you on your journey.

Gustavs Gerkens

Founder of Lion Business Media


Dental Clinic Of Maris Berzins

30+ Leads every month through the new website and well over 1,000 monthly visitors

Permanent Riga

Modern beauty salon website that is generating more and more business every month






Our proudest moments are when we see our clients succeeding. This is why the majority of  our website is just our customers & their success stories.