Dental Clinic of Maris Berzins

30+ New Leads in 3 months with a new website


Dental Clinic Of Maris Berzins is one of the leading dental clinics in Latvia, but their website was very undeserving and was seriously hurting their business.

We came in and did a complete redesign which is now online and can be seen here.

Our goal was to position the clinic as one of the best in the country which welcomes big families due to their superb relationships with their clients.


Since launching the website, it is generating consistent results for the clinic.

In the last 3 months it has been visited by over 2,400 people and 31 of those people have reached out to the clinic requesting products or services through the contact form (not counting inquiries through the phone)

The website had more than 2.4K visitors in a 3 month period.
In this time period 31 people reached out to the clinic for services (without any paid advertising)

Skills used:


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“We had a very old website that wasn’t working the way we wanted. Gustavs came in with his ideas, and he completely revived it. We are a modern dental clinic and we needed a modern website, and Gustavs with his team made it happen. They are professionals, but more importantly, they’re very sincere people”

Māris Bērziņš