Institut Esthederm

Styling and modern website for a world-renowned French cosmetic brand


Institut Esthederm is a massive cosmetic brand that boasts of incredible quality and customer loyalty.

Their old website, however, was extremely disorganized, relatively outdated and it didn’t have the “wow effect” that the brand itself possesses (the screenshot can be seen down below).

Not only it was hurting their brand, the website also was slowing down their sales since it was very hard to find products and where to order them.


The new, improved website has 3 major improvements

  1. Design – it is modern, stylish and properly reflects the brand. And people have said it does have the “WOW effect” the company was looking for.
  2. Simplicity – it is much easier to find products as they searched not only by “product type” but also by “need” and “function”. People look for products in different ways, so it’s very useful that you can search by something that is most convenient for you.
  3. Sales – all product pages lead back to order page where the customer can either see which store can he/she purchase the product or it leads to other e-stores where the item can be found online.  This will obviously increase sales and revenue for the company.

Skills used:


*turn on captions for subtitles in English

“Usually companies that make websites are only concerned with technical details but I really liked how Gustavs was more concerned about making the website friendly to visitors and making sure the site represented the brand properly. It was one of the fastest-made websites in my business experience and I am really thankful I got to work with Gustavs and his team”

Liene Bukša

Institut Esthederm Latvia director