JMT Wood Build

A New Website That Generated An Inquiry For A New Build House In First 2 Weeks


JMT Wood Build is a contruction company out of Exeter, UK and they do all kinds of building work but recently have started to focus their attention on new builds instead of typical carpentry work.

The quality of their work is amazing, and they have great relationships with their customers (all 5 stars in Google reviews).

However, they had a very general website that did not differentiate the company in any way. All of the company’s USPs (extreme customer satisfaction, credible partners etc.) were left in the dust, so consequently people who reached out from the website weren’t the type of customers they were looking for.

Also they wanted more inquiries for new builds and not the general carpentry work.


The new website has been able to position JMT Wood Build as the prime leader in their area and the consistent work inquiries proves just that.

The company now receives regular quote requests through their website most of which come from search engines as the company is on page 1 of Google for the search phrase “carpenter, Exeter”.

Some of the quote requests can be seen below.

Quote request for a new build (generated from the new website).
Anoter quote request for a new build.
Quote request for a large chemical plant.

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“Before working with Gustavs, my previous experience with website companies had been very bland. Same with my old website – it was just there and not really doing anything. Gustavs approached me in a very friendly manner and showed me how a new website might benefit my business, so I decided to go with him. Since I’m very busy with my own business, it was sometimes hard to find the time provide all of the information about the team & photos for the new website, but Gustavs was very patient and worked very proactively which made my life much easier. In the end it was all worth it – I got a top-notch web site and even though it hasn’t been much time we have had numerous enquiries in already and one on a new build. I definitely would encourage any business owner to invest in a new website – it’s worth spending the effort now to bear the fruits down the line.”

Jody Wood

Owner of JMT Wood Build