Project Description

Ministry Of Beauty is a successful beauty salon in Bristol, UK who mostly relied on word-of-mouth marketing up until the point of working with us.

We incorporated SEO and paid advertising into their marketing efforts to boost sales of specific services.

SEO Results

The first task we focused on was getting more traffic to the website.

We developed a weekly blog marketing campaign where each week we would write a very useful and SEO optimized blog post for Ministry Of Beauty Website.

The emphasis were on LPG Endermologie and Laser Hair Removal Treatments as those were the priority for the salon.

In couple of months Ministry Of Beauty achieved #1 positions in Google for “beauty salon bristol” and other desirable keywords as seen below.

Consequently the traffic of the website grew and, in fact, more than doubled during our collaboration – from about 1,000 visitors monthly it steadily increased to 2,000 visitors and is still growing to this day.

Facebook Advertising Results

We run several Facebook campaigns, mostly for laser hair removal.

It’s impossible to list all of the results we got but the highlights included:

  1. 99 leads in less than 30 days for a laser hair removal treatment
  2. 3 long-term paying laser clients from another campaign (each client paid £200+ for multiple laser sessions)
  3. 250+ email list contacts generated from different contests.
  4. A post that got 616 likes, 169 shares and was seen by more than 20,000 people.

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