Partners For Progress

Website that helps coaching company convey the value of their program


Partners For Progress is a coaching company that helps executives to become better and more effective leaders. They organize multiple group coaching sessions throughout the year.

The problem they had is that company didn’t have a place online where prospective clients could find out more about the program in a clear and engaging way. They would send clients different pdf brochures which of course took a lot of time and wasn’t very professional.

Another problem they had is that their marketing message was all over the place, so a strong copywriting was needed to make the new message stick better with prospective clients.


The new website uses strong copywriting and consistent, professional style to attract attention of the prospective client as well as convey very clearly the value proposition of the coaching program.

The website uses various elements (testimonials, logos of companies) to position the business as an expert in their respective fields as well as to entice the client to think about what they could achieve themselves if they joined the program.

Because the website uses the landing page style – it can be used very effectively in marketing campaigns to get customer enquiries.

Skills used:


*turn on captions for subtitles in English

“Working with Gustavs was so easy and fun. The reason I chose him is that not only he knows how to make the website look nice but he also helps with the content side of things – he did all the copywriting for our website which was such a relief that I didn’t have to do it myself. He also made the website in a very quick timeframe, and his customer service skills are superb.”

Daina Ramata

Owner of Partners For Progress