Pure Water

Charming and design-focused website for luxury water business


Pure Water distributes and sells all of the higher-end drinking water brands in the world – Voss, Svalbardi, Lofoten and others.

They are trying to expand heavily into the Baltic market, so they needed a new website that would effectively showcase what they are about and increase their visibility.

It’s exactly what we did.


Our goal was to create an enticing and beautiful website that would display best features of each water brand.

Since the business is selling a product with above-average product value, the website needed to display a premium look. We also focused on heavy image design which is frequently with the world’s biggest brands.

Skills used:


*turn on captions for subtitles in English

“My business sells premium class water in Latvia and the Baltics, and since it is a very niche market we needed to improve our visibility and advertising. Gustavs helped with constructive questions as well as didn’t waste my time with reduntant questions like it usually happens. In the end we achieved a very good result and understood each other very well. Thank you!”

Atis Zilbers

Owner of Pure Water