New Website Helping Custom Made Jewelry Company Sell More Products


Rotkalis makes custom hand-made jewelry and is very active on social media – the Facebook page alone boasts 7.7 thousand likes where the company posts the latest jewelry offerings.

However, Rotkalis didn’t have a solid online base where customers could look at all of their jewelry in one place and find out more about the company and it’s brand, and what they ultimately stand for.


The new website acts as a marketing base – people coming from Facebook are to look at the whole list of jewelry offerings in clean and aesthetic galleries.

They are also introduced to the company’s main message (hand-made jewelry with original designs inspired by our ancestor culture). Many clients buy the jewelry to give it as a gift, so it’s important to highlight that the jewelry is of extremely high quality and that it is meant to be passed from generation to generation, and this is what the potential customer needs to see when he/she lands on the website.

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