Woodworks Landscaping

A New Website That Helped A Bespoke Landscaping Company Showcase The Value Of Their Work


Woodworks Landscaping is an established Bristol landscaping company that specializes in bespoke woodworks products. They have been in the business for over 10 years now, and all of their installations have a 1-year guarantee along with their suppliers’ guarantees which usually last between 5-10 years.

Even though Woodworks Landscaping has an excellent reputation in Bristol, their previous website was very generic and looked cheap – something that went against their advertised message of premium and bespoke products. A change needed to be made.


The new website supports the message behind the Woodworks Landscaping product offering by premium design as well as positions the company as someone who is clearly the best at what they do with eco-friendly designs and highly trained staff.

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“I wanted a stand alone website for my business that would help me showcase the brand behind my company. I went with Gustavs because he seemed like a professional who knew what he was doing and I’m glad I did. The website creation process was very easy and I am extremely happy with the result as well as with the customer service provided.”

Philip Mawhinney

Owner of Woodworks Landscaping